Dunlop Tosin Abasi Animals as Leaders 0.73mm Pick Pack

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Introducing the Dunlop JPAALP01 Animals as Leaders Brown Primetone® Pick - AAL01

Experience the exceptional playability and versatility of the Animals as Leaders Brown Primetone® Pick - AAL01. Meticulously crafted for precision and control, this pick combines hand-burnished beveled edges with the Jazz III XL shape, offering a flexible, snappy attack and tight maneuverability with a lightning-fast tip.

  • Hand-Burnished Beveled Edges: The pick's hand-burnished beveled edges ensure smooth and precise contact with your strings. This results in an articulate and controlled attack, perfect for musicians who demand clarity and definition in their playing.

  • Jazz III XL Shape: The pick features the Jazz III XL shape, known for its tight maneuverability and precision. Its shape allows for intricate and dynamic playing, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

  • Flexible and Snappy: With a flexible yet snappy feel, this pick responds effortlessly to your playing dynamics. Whether you're playing intricate leads or aggressive riffs, it adapts to your style with ease.

Elevate your playing with the Animals as Leaders Brown Primetone® Pick - AAL01. Whether you're a fan of Animals as Leaders or simply seeking a versatile and responsive pick, this choice provides the precision and flexibility required for expressive and dynamic performances. Elevate your sound with Primetone® quality.

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