Dunlop Javier Reyes Signature 0.73 Pick Pack

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Introducing the Dunlop JPAALP04 Javier Reyes Tortex® Jazz III XL Pick - AALP04

Unlock the power of control, precision, and clarity with the Javier Reyes Tortex® Jazz III XL Pick - AALP04. Crafted to meet the demands of a sonic craftsman like Javier Reyes from Animals as Leaders, this pick offers a bright and snappy attack, perfect for delivering both chugging riffs and intricate leads with finesse.

  • Control and Precision: Just like Javier Reyes and his bandmate Tosin Abasi, you need speed, control, and precision when composing dynamic and supercharged instrumentals. This Tortex Jazz III XL pick provides the level of control required to execute both chugging riffs and intricate leads flawlessly.

  • Bright and Snappy Attack: The pick's design ensures a bright and snappy attack, allowing your notes to cut through the mix with clarity and definition. It's the ideal tool for musicians who demand articulate and expressive playing.

  • Custom Artwork: To add a touch of personalization and style to your playing, this pick comes adorned with custom artwork, reflecting Javier Reyes' artistic sensibilities.

Elevate your playing to new heights with the Javier Reyes Tortex® Jazz III XL Pick. Whether you're composing complex instrumentals or simply looking for superior control and articulation, this pick delivers the precision and clarity you need. Join the ranks of sonic craftsmen and make your mark with Javier Reyes and Dunlop.

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