Dunlop NOFX Fat Mike Signature 0.6mm Pick Pack

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Dunlop JPFM60 Fat Mike NOFX Nylon Standard - 44-060FM

Achieve the signature sound of Fat Mike from NOFX with the Fat Mike NOFX Nylon Standard Pick. This pick is instrumental in delivering the flexibility and warmth needed to nail the fat, technical grooves that are the backbone of NOFX's music.

  • Fat Mike's Choice: Fat Mike relies on Dunlop Nylon Picks to lay down the foundation for NOFX's high-energy musical performances. The nylon material provides warmth to the tone, and the .60mm thickness offers the flexibility essential for nailing his intricate bass grooves.

  • Foundation for Your Sound: The Fat Mike NOFX Nylon Standard Pick delivers a round, even bass tone that provides a solid foundation for the entire band, allowing the guitar and vocals to shine.

If you're looking to replicate the iconic sound of NOFX's Fat Mike, the Fat Mike NOFX Nylon Standard Pick - 44-060FM is the choice for achieving warm, flexible, and groove-focused bass playing. Join the ranks of those who appreciate a solid foundation for their music with this exceptional pick.

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