Dunlop Herco Holy Grail Pick Pack

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Introducing the Dunlop JPHEF75 Herco Holy Grail Pick Pack - HE777P

Transport yourself back to the birth of legendary British hard rock with the Herco Holy Grail Pick Pack - HE777P. These picks are a tribute to the iconic Herco Flex 75 Picks that were originally used by some of Britain's greatest guitar players. Available exclusively in the UK from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, the specific nylon formula used in those picks imparted a unique warmth and flexibility that has continued to captivate guitar masters and pick collectors worldwide. Now, you can capture that vintage mojo with the Herco Holy Grail Pick, eliminating the need to maintain a collection of rare and expensive vintage picks.

  • Vintage Mojo: These picks are designed to capture the essence of the legendary British hard rock era. From the tactile feel of the material to its tone and flexibility, the Herco Holy Grail Pick will transport you back to the vibrant music scene of London in that iconic era.

  • Tribute to Herco's Heritage: This pick pays homage to Herco's original Flex 75 Picks, celebrating their heritage and their contribution to the music of their time.

  • Modern Convenience: While these picks offer a vintage sound and feel, they are designed for modern convenience. No need to hunt for rare vintage picks; the Herco Holy Grail Pick provides you with the same legendary tone and flexibility.

Experience the warmth and vintage vibe of the Herco Holy Grail Pick Pack. Whether you're a fan of British hard rock or simply seeking a pick that adds that special mojo to your playing, these picks are your ticket to the music history of London and the iconic sounds of the past. Relive the golden era of rock with every strum and chord you play.

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