Dunlop Jeff Loomis Signature Sharp 1.5mm Pick Pack

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Experience the precision and brightness of Jeff Loomis's playing with the Dunlop JPJLU Jeff Loomis Custom Ultex Sharp Pick - 461-JL. This pick combines the best of Ultex material, the fang-like precision of the Tortex Sharp Pick, and superior handling with a custom grip.

  • Ultex Brilliance: Crafted from Ultex material, this pick offers the brightness and durability needed for powerful performances.

  • Tortex Sharp Precision: The pick features the precision of the Tortex Sharp Pick, ideal for detailed and intricate playing.

  • Custom Grip: Jeff Loomis's custom grip ensures superior handling, allowing you to navigate the fretboard with ease.

Jeff Loomis, known for his role as the lead guitarist in Nevermore and his contributions to various metal subgenres, relies on this pick for its ability to deliver his distinctive rhythmic style, smooth technique, and breakneck speed. If you're aiming to achieve the same level of precision and brightness in your playing, the Jeff Loomis Custom Ultex Sharp Pick is the perfect choice.

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