Dunlop Matt Heafy Signature 1.38mm Pick Pack

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Introducing the Dunlop JPMHMG Matt Heafy Custom Max-Grip® Jazz III Pick - 471P3SMH

Unleash your speed, precision, and superior handling with the Matt Heafy Custom Max-Grip® Jazz III Pick - 471P3SMH. This custom pick combines the best of both worlds, fusing the iconic Max-Grip Jazz III Pick with a specially formulated nylon material that strikes the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility.

  • Speed and Precision: The Max-Grip Jazz III Pick design offers exceptional speed and precision, allowing you to navigate the fretboard with ease. It's a go-to choice for musicians who demand control and accuracy in their playing.

  • Custom Nylon Formula: The pick's custom nylon formula is carefully crafted to provide the ideal blend of stiffness and flexibility. It ensures that you can achieve the perfect balance of power and finesse in your performance.

  • Matt Heafy's Choice: Matt Heafy, known for his impressive guitar skills, embraces the Jazz III as an essential tool in his musical arsenal. He appreciates the pick's shape, size, and build, making it a vital part of his unstoppable playing style. The Max-Grip texture and slightly denser structure of this custom version make it perfect for Matt.

Elevate your playing with the Matt Heafy Custom Max-Grip® Jazz III Pick. Whether you're shredding on stage or honing your skills in the studio, this pick offers the ultimate combination of speed, precision, and grip. Get ready to unlock your full potential with Matt Heafy and Dunlop.

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