Dunlop Misha Mansoor Signature 0.65mm Pick Pack

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Introducing the Dunlop JPMM65 Misha Mansoor Custom Delrin Flow® Pick Live .65mm - 573-065MM

Elevate your playing with the Misha Mansoor Custom Delrin Flow® Pick Live .65mm. Crafted with precision and designed for live performances, this custom pick is a must-have for any guitarist seeking exceptional tone, control, and reliability on stage.

  • Delrin Construction: The pick is made from Delrin, a durable material known for its longevity. It offers a smooth release and warm tone, enhancing your overall playing experience.

  • Aerodynamic Shape: The pick's aerodynamic shape provides precision and control, allowing you to navigate your strings effortlessly and with the utmost accuracy.

  • "Live" .65mm Gauge: This pick features a .65mm gauge specifically designed for live performances. It offers built-in compression that helps maintain the tuning of your notes when you're delivering that high-energy live performance and need to dig into your strings.

The Misha Mansoor Custom Delrin Flow® Pick Live .65mm - 573-065MM is the perfect choice for guitarists who demand the best during live shows. Whether you're shredding, strumming, or picking, this pick delivers the warmth, precision, and control you need to excel on stage. Elevate your live performances with the Misha Mansoor Custom Delrin Flow® Pick.

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