Dunlop Rabea Massad Signature 1.0mm Pick Pack

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Experience the guitar prowess of Rabea Massaad with the Dunlop JPRMCF Rabea Massaad Flow Standard Pick - 548-RM100. This pick features custom imagery inspired by the widely respected musician and YouTube star, Rabea Massaad.

  • Custom Imagery: The pick showcases custom imagery that pays homage to Rabea Massaad, known for his fanaticism for tone and performance.

  • Superior Attack and Precision: Rabea Massaad's Flow Standard Pick is designed to provide superior attack, precision, and articulation, catering to the needs of discerning guitarists.

  • Comfortable Play: The pick's design ensures a fast, articulate, and super comfortable play, allowing you to achieve the level of performance you desire.

Rabea Massaad's Flow Standard Pick is the result of his obsession with achieving the perfect attack, precision, and comfort. If you're looking to elevate your playing to a new level, this pick is the ideal choice. Join Rabea Massaad in enjoying the benefits of this meticulously crafted pick.

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