Dunlop Yngwie Malmsteen Signature 2.0mm Pick Pack

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Dunlop JPYM02R Yngwie Malmsteen 2.0mm - YJM-02RD

Step into the world of guitar virtuosity with the Yngwie Malmsteen 2.0mm Pick - YJM-02RD. This super slick pick is Yngwie Malmsteen's choice, allowing him to navigate from note to note at breathtaking speeds with pinpoint precision.

  • Classical Inspiration: Yngwie Malmsteen's guitar style is a fusion of rock 'n' roll and classical aesthetics, drawing inspiration from classical maestros such as Bach and Paganini. His use of complex, virtuosic compositions and violin-style arpeggios sets a new standard in guitar technique.

  • Blistering Speed: The Yngwie Malmsteen 2.0mm Pick, made of super slick Delrin 500 material, enables Yngwie to execute lightning-fast transitions between notes while maintaining unparalleled accuracy.

  • Yngwie's Endorsement: Yngwie Malmsteen himself endorses these picks as the only choice for achieving clean, precise picking that sounds extraordinary.

If you're aspiring to reach the pinnacle of guitar playing, the Yngwie Malmsteen 2.0mm Pick - YJM-02RD is your key to unlocking a world of precision, speed, and unmatched sound quality. Join Yngwie in his quest for perfection with these exceptional picks.

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