Dunlop Yngwie Malmsteen Signature 1.14mm Pick Pack

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Experience the precision and speed of a guitar legend with the Dunlop JPYM03Y Yngwie Malmsteen 1.14MM Pick - YJM-03YL.
This super slick pick is the choice of Yngwie Malmsteen, a guitar virtuoso known for infusing rock 'n' roll with classical aesthetics, elevating guitar technique to new heights.

  • Yngwie's Influence: Yngwie Malmsteen was inspired by classical maestros like Bach and Paganini, and his complex, virtuosic compositions and violin-style arpeggios set a new standard in guitar playing.

  • Blistering Speed: This Delrin 500 Pick, with a 1.14mm gauge, enables Yngwie to move effortlessly from note to note at incredible speeds while maintaining laser-focused accuracy.

  • Yngwie's Choice: Yngwie himself relies on these picks for their clean and precise picking that produces fantastic sound.

If you aim to achieve the same level of precision and speed as Yngwie Malmsteen, the Yngwie Malmsteen 1.14MM Pick - YJM-03YL is the ultimate choice. Get ready to unleash your inner virtuoso and experience the magic of Yngwie's signature sound with these picks.

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