Mano 4 and 5 Inch Tunable Black Bongos

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Tunable 4 x 5 Inch Natural Skin Heads

Introducing the MP560 Mano Percussion Junior Tunable Bongos – a dynamic addition to your percussion arsenal. Crafted with precision and designed for young musicians and beginners, these bongos deliver impressive sound and playability.

Featuring 4" and 5" natural heads, these bongos produce authentic tones that resonate with clarity. The synthetic wood shells ensure durability and a rich sound profile. Chrome comfort curve rims and tension rods add a touch of style and provide easy tuning for achieving your desired sound.

The cast base hoop and rubber feet contribute to the bongos' stability, making them ideal for energetic performances. Whether you're practicing at home or performing on stage, the MP560BK Mano Percussion Junior Tunable Bongos are a reliable companion for your musical journey.

Available in Black, Teal, Red and Yellow

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