K.Teradaira 505P Vintage Classical 1983

SKU: 21500

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SKU: 21500

This guitar was made in 1983 for the Niibori School Guitar Ensemble. Mr. Hiroki Niibori chose some of the best Japanese luthiers to supply his school with a range of classical guitars. This was made by K.Teradaira in the Yamaki factory- Yamaki being a legendary Japanese luthier. Can't find any info on K.Teradaira himself but as this was made under Yamaki's supervision, you can safely bet it is of exceptional quality.

This guitar sounds incredible, the treble and bass are clear but warm at the same time. Solid Cedar top and Rosewood back & sides. It is clearly a high quality build. Great choice for any player that's looking to upgrade to a high end classical without the crazy price tag.

This guitar is in decent condition. There are a fair few surface scratches and some clouding on the back. There is a chip on the bottom as pictured but does not effect playability or sound. Comfortable and nice to play, action at the 12th fret is 3.5mm. No signs of previous repair. Frets still in good condition. Does not come with case or bag.

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