Remo KD-0608-01 Kids Percussion 8 Inch Djembe

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Introducing the Remo Kids Percussion KD-0608-01, an 8" drum designed specifically to inspire young musicians. Crafted with a durable Acousticon® shell, this drum stands 14" tall and is adorned with a pre-tuned Fiberskyn® head. The inclusion of a convenient shoulder strap makes it easy for young players to carry and play.

The drum showcases a vibrant and colorful fabric rainforest finish, adding a playful and engaging element to the learning experience. Whether it's played in a group setting or as part of a solo performance, the Remo Kids Percussion KD-0608-01 delivers a resonant sound that encourages creativity and rhythmic exploration.

Ideal for budding percussionists, this drum provides a dynamic platform for learning, playing, and creating music. With its high-quality construction and engaging design, the Remo Kids Percussion KD-0608-01 is a fantastic way to introduce young minds to the world of rhythm and music.

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