Remo Kids 6.5 Inch Konga

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Introducing the KD-1506-01 REMO Kids Percussion® Konga - a perfect way to ignite your child's passion for rhythm and music.

Crafted with care, this konga features a 6½" pre-tuned Remo Fiberskyn® head that produces delightful tones, capturing the essence of joyful play. With a height of 15", it's designed for children, allowing them to comfortably explore and create their own rhythms.

Wrapped in a vibrant and colorful rainforest fabric, this konga becomes an exciting visual and auditory experience for your little one. Its bright and engaging appearance invites them to tap into their creativity and discover the world of music.

Equipped with a strap, this konga offers easy portability and ensures that your child can carry their musical companion wherever they go. The KD-1506-01 REMO Kids Percussion® Konga is a fantastic tool to foster your child's musical development, providing them with hours of fun and learning.

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