Remo Kids Percussion 18" Gathering Drum

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Elevate the rhythm and excitement in your classroom with the KD-5818-01 REMO Kids Percussion® 18" Gathering Drum—a vibrant instrument designed to foster musical exploration and group engagement.

Crafted with a passion for sound and play, this drum boasts an Acousticon® shell, a pre-tuned Skyndeep® drumhead, and a captivating Rainforest finish. Its 18" diameter ensures a substantial presence, producing a big and exhilarating sound that resonates with young learners.

Designed to spark creativity and collaboration, the Kids Percussion Gathering Drum can be played with hands, mallets, or sticks, offering endless possibilities for rhythmic expression. Ideal for group drumming in a classroom setting, it serves as a cornerstone in the percussion family of rhythm instruments, uniting children in the joy of music.

With a safety rating for ages 5 and older, the KD-5818-01 REMO Kids Percussion Gathering Drum is not only an instrument of fun but also a tool for promoting teamwork, creativity, and rhythmic understanding. Let the rhythm unite and inspire young hearts and minds with this impressive 18" gathering drum.

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