Laney 15 Watt Combo Guitar Amplifier

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Laney 15 Watt Combo Guitar Amplifier
2 x 5 Inch Spk 3 Band EQ Aux Input

The Laney LX15 delivers 15 watts RMS of huge Laney guitar tone into a pair of twin loudspeakers.
British Design
With 15 watts RMS power and twin 5” speakers, the LX15 delivers huge Laney sound at a very modest price.
Master Volume
The LX15 features a classic "master volume"-style preamp allowing gain and master level to be balanced independently.
Great Tones
With a 3-band EQ tone stack plus a Drive switch to add distortion, an assortment of great tones can be dialled in from spanky clean to overdrive sounds with real punch.
Private Practice
The mini-jack aux. input, allows for connection of a playback device such as MP3/CD for jamming along to songs or backing tracks, plus there is a headphone socket for doing so quietly –a great feature for private practice or late-night sessions.
Power: 15W
Single channel
Single input
Speakers: 2×5″ custom
Controls: 3-band EQ, bright switch, gain, volume, drive switch
Aux. input
Headphone output

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