LEEM Micro Mixer

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4 Channel Individual Volume Control

4 Channel Individual Volume Control

LEEM - 4 channel mini mixer. Volume control per channel and a master volume. Input impedance 600 ohms.
Output impedance 1.5k. S/n ratio 55db - 9v DC input socket
Frequency Response : 20-20,000 KHz
Signal/Noise : 55dB
Input Sensitivity : 1mV
Distortion :
Input Impedance : =600 ohm Unbalanced
Output Impedance : =1.5 Kohm Unbalanced
Clip LED : LED indication at onset of distortion
Supply Voltage : 9V Battery (internal) or 9V DC adaptor (tip negative) (NOT SUPPLIED)
Dimension(W x H x D) : 148 x 46 x 86 mm


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