Lorantz 10" 30 Watt 16 Ohm Greenback Clone

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In Our Opinion The BEST 10" Guitar Speaker Available

If you're looking for a speaker that replicates that true Vintage sound, then this is THE ONE!
The VINTAGE U.K. GREENBACK CLONE came about when I took an old Vintage Celestion Greenback out of an early Marshall 12" Quad cabinet and brought it to Australian loudspeaker manufacturer Lorantz. The Lorantz Speaker Company is owned and operated by Michail Barabasz, the original speaker designer and head engineer from the old Plessey Rola Speaker company. What I wanted was a speaker that would tonally sound as close as possible to the Celestion Vintage Greenback. After testing and plotting the old Greenback, Lorantz came back to me saying that the only way that they could get this type of sound was to use an old style nomex copper wound voice coil, which would only have a power rating of 30 Watts.
My reply was "Do it, and I'll order enough for a production run" and a great speaker success story was born.
These speakers possess the true vintage warmth and fullness of the old Celestions but with the added advantage of superior efficiency resulting in a louder volume level for the same input power. They follow the frequency plot of the original Greenback virtually identically within 2dB!!!
Now available in 10" format.
Everybody that has used these speakers loves them.
We just cannot recommend them highly enough!!! - Brad Coates Mng Dir. MELMUSIC
The Melbourne Music Centre’s model sounds (within 2dB!) exactly like a real vintage Celestion Greenback.
They are available in both 10” & 12” Sizes 30, 50 & 75 Watt Power Ratings at 8 or 16 ohm.
International enquiries welcome, please contact us for payment and shipping information.

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