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The MXR Six Band EQ is a powerful equalizer pedal designed to give guitarists complete control over their sound. This updated version of the pedal comes with several enhancements, including noise-reduction circuitry, true bypass switching, brighter LEDs for improved visibility, and a lightweight aluminum housing for durability.

With its six adjustable sliders, the MXR Six Band EQ covers all the essential guitar frequencies, allowing you to fine-tune your tone with precision. Each slider can cut or boost the selected frequency by up to +/-18dB, giving you incredible flexibility to shape your sound exactly the way you want.

The Six Band EQ can be used for a wide range of applications. It can create scooped-mid rhythm tones with massive low-end for heavy and chunky playing styles. On the other hand, it can add natural warmth to a quacky acoustic pickup, enhancing its tone and making it more pleasing to the ears. The pedal can also be employed to eliminate onstage feedback by notching out problem frequencies and reducing unwanted noise.

Moreover, the MXR Six Band EQ can be utilized in the effects loop of your amplifier, serving as a powerful lead boost. By adjusting the sliders, you can sculpt your lead sound to cut through the mix and stand out during solos.

The pedal's true bypass switching ensures that your guitar's signal remains pure and unaltered when the pedal is turned off, preserving the integrity of your original tone. This is especially useful in maintaining a clean signal chain when using multiple pedals.

Thanks to its versatile and robust design, the MXR Six Band EQ is a valuable tool for any guitarist seeking to shape and enhance their sound. Whether you need precise control over your frequencies, feedback suppression, or a powerful lead boost, this pedal delivers outstanding performance and audio clarity. It can be powered by a 9-volt battery, a Dunlop ECB003 9-volt adapter, or the DC Brick™, Iso-Brick™, and Mini Iso-Brick™ power supplies (not included), making it convenient to integrate into your existing setup. With the MXR Six Band EQ, you can achieve your desired tone and take your playing to the next level.

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