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The MXR Talk Box is a classic effect that has left its mark on some of the greatest songs ever recorded, spanning across various genres and eras, from funk and '70s rock to hard rock and metal. Its distinctive and highly expressive character is instantly recognizable and adds a unique element to any performance.

The MXR team has taken the Talk Box to the next level, fine-tuning it for modern gigging convenience and enhanced tone sculpting, all while preserving the unmistakable sonic qualities that made this effect legendary. The MXR Talk Box is designed with its own built-in amp and speaker driver, making it compact and pedalboard-friendly. You no longer need to carry around a separate rig or patch into your amp's speaker output, streamlining your setup for easier portability and quick on-stage setup.

With Volume, Tone, and Gain controls, you have the power to shape and add texture to your Talk Box voice, allowing you to tailor your sound for maximum impact and musical expression. Whether you're going for classic vintage tones or experimenting with new and innovative sounds, the MXR Talk Box puts the power of creative expression at your fingertips.

As with all MXR pedals, the Talk Box is built with durability and reliability in mind. Housed in a rugged and road-ready enclosure, it is designed to withstand the demands of touring and live performances, ensuring that it remains a faithful companion throughout your musical journey.

The MXR Talk Box includes an 18-volt power supply, an 8' surgical tube, and a mic stand clip, providing you with everything you need to incorporate this iconic effect into your setup and start creating unforgettable tones.

In conclusion, the MXR Talk Box delivers classic talk box sounds with modern convenience and versatility. With its own built-in amp and speaker driver, Volume, Tone, and Gain controls, and road-ready construction, it's the ultimate tool for adding expressive character to your performances and making your guitar or instrument sing in a whole new way.

Please note that the pedal is powered by the included ECB009 18-volt adapter, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply for reliable operation.

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