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The MXR Micro Amp+ is an upgraded version of the classic Micro Amp, which has been a favorite among top artists for more than two decades due to its ability to boost and enhance guitar or bass tones and drive the front of an amplifier. The Micro Amp+ retains the powerful boost capabilities of the original, allowing you to dial in up to +26dB of gain for that extra punch and volume you need.

What sets the Micro Amp+ apart is the addition of EQ controls, which take this already versatile boost box to the next level. With the Gain knob, you can achieve the same level of gain as the classic Micro Amp. However, the new Bass and Treble controls provide added flexibility, enabling you to fine-tune and sculpt your boosted signal to your preference. For those seeking the classic Micro Amp sound, you can simply set the Bass and Treble controls to the noon position, maintaining the essence of the original pedal.

Furthermore, the Micro Amp+ incorporates low-noise op-amps, ensuring that you won't encounter any extra noise even at higher gain levels. This feature enhances the overall signal quality and clarity, making the pedal suitable for various applications, including recording and live performances.

To maintain the highest fidelity when not in use, the Micro Amp+ features true bypass switching. When the pedal is bypassed, your original guitar signal passes through without any coloration or alteration, preserving the natural tone of your instrument.

Like all MXR pedals, the Micro Amp+ is built to withstand the rigors of the road. Its sturdy housing and durable components make it a reliable and robust addition to any pedalboard.

In summary, the MXR Micro Amp+ is an upgraded and versatile boost pedal that offers a wide range of tonal possibilities. Whether you need a clean volume boost, an extra push for your solos, or a way to drive your amplifier into overdrive, the Micro Amp+ delivers a powerful and refined solution. With its EQ controls, low-noise op-amps, and true bypass switching, this pedal is a perfect tool for musicians seeking to elevate their tone and performance.

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