MXR M237 DC Brick Multi Power Supply

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Introducing the MXR DC Brick Power Supply—a modern upgrade to the renowned DCB10. Now proudly branded under MXR, the new DC Brick Power Supply retains all the original's essential features, including short circuit and overload protection, while doubling its power capacity. This enhancement allows you to effortlessly power an extensive range of effects pedals in your setup.

The innovation doesn't stop there. MXR has incorporated red LEDs into each of the eight 9v outputs. These LEDs illuminate if a short circuit is detected, enabling you to swiftly identify and troubleshoot any power-related issues, ensuring a seamless performance.

Unlike its predecessor, the DC Brick Power Supply boasts eight 9v outputs and two 18v outputs, providing you with expanded versatility to accommodate various pedal requirements. Of course, to get you up and running without hassle, the package includes the necessary AC adapter and cables to connect your pedals to the unit.

With its enhanced power handling, advanced protection features, and user-friendly design, the MXR DC Brick Power Supply is your ultimate solution to keep your pedals energized and your music flowing uninterrupted. Power up your performance with confidence and convenience.

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