MXR M238 Iso Brick Multi Power Supply

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Meet the MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply—a compact powerhouse designed to deliver ample, noise-free DC power to a diverse array of pedals, all while maintaining a lightweight and unobtrusive presence on your pedalboard.

With a whopping 10 fully isolated outputs, the Iso-Brick Power Supply guarantees a noise-free experience by eliminating any ground loop noise that could disrupt your performance. Regardless of whether your pedals are analog or digital, positively or negatively grounded, this versatile power solution has you covered. The 10 outputs are thoughtfully distributed to cater to various voltage and current requirements, encompassing two 9V outputs at 100mA, two at 300mA, and two at 450mA, along with two 18V outputs at 250mA. Additionally, there are two variable outputs, adjustable from 6V to 15V at 250mA each, which can emulate the vintage "sag" effect akin to a drained battery—sought after by many vintage tone aficionados.

The Iso-Brick Power Supply also boasts a compact, durable housing that's built to withstand the rigors of gigging. Its design incorporates power on/off and connection status LEDs for easy visual monitoring. This unassuming addition to your pedalboard ensures your pedals run reliably and quietly, show after show.

In a nutshell, the MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply is the ultimate solution for efficiently powering your pedal collection with precision, low noise, and maximum convenience. With its comprehensive range of outputs and noise-reduction features, this power supply lets you focus on your music without the worry of technical issues. And it's all neatly packed in a sleek, durable package that stands up to the demands of the road.

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