MXR M251 FOD Drive

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The MXR FOD Drive is a powerful overdrive pedal that allows you to blend the overdriven sounds of two highly coveted amp stacks right from your pedalboard. This pedal was created by MXR's award-winning team of engineers who got their hands on two heavily customized guitar amplifiers of legendary make and model. One amp was modified for super scooped high-gain saturation, while the other was modified for punchy midrange crunch.

The engineers painstakingly recreated each amplifier's tonal profile in pedal circuit form and fit them into a single housing as separate channels—High Gain and Crunch Gain. Each channel has its own Gain and Volume controls, allowing you to dial in the desired level of overdrive and volume for each side. The Blend control then enables you to set the mix ratio of the two signals, mimicking the experience of blending two separate amps into a mixing box.

The MXR FOD Drive also features a Tone knob to set the overall EQ of the output signal, allowing you to shape the overall tonal character. Additionally, the Scoop switch gives you the option to choose between flat, scooped, or boosted midrange voices, providing even more tonal versatility.

With the MXR FOD Drive, you can explore a harmonically complex palette of grit, grind, and maxed-out overdrive, giving you the invigorating potential of playing through two distinct and ripping amp stacks. Whether you're seeking high-gain saturation or punchy midrange crunch, the MXR FOD Drive delivers a wide range of tonal possibilities right at your feet.

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