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The MXR Deep Phase Pedal is a versatile and expressive phaser that captures the essence of vintage phaser tones while offering modern build quality and tweakability that MXR is renowned for.

Based on an iconic vintage circuit, the Deep Phase Pedal delivers crystal-clear phasing with a pronounced swoosh, scooped midrange, and a dynamic, voice-like response that reacts to your playing intensity. Whether you're playing fat, fluid chords or gentle, textured melodies, this pedal adapts to your style and delivers a musical response. It particularly shines with the low end of the spectrum, making it a fantastic choice for bass players as well. Unlike the original vintage version, the Deep Phase Pedal has been carefully designed to avoid any volume drop issues when engaged, ensuring a seamless experience.

Despite its simple control layout of just two knobs and a switch, the Deep Phase Pedal provides a broad range of phaser tones. The Speed knob adjusts the rate of the effect, allowing you to dial in subtle liquid shifting or thick, swirling turbulence. The FDBK knob, on the other hand, adjusts the intensity and sharpness of the phase peaks, giving you precise control over the character of the phasing effect.

By default, the Deep Phase Pedal operates on 4 phase shifter stages, providing a smooth and classic phaser sound. However, engaging the Mode II switch doubles the stages to 8, resulting in more peaks and a more animated texture.

Housed in a road-ready MXR mini housing, the Deep Phase Pedal takes up minimal space on your pedalboard, making it an excellent choice for players who value efficiency and portability.

Powering the Deep Phase Pedal is easy with the Dunlop ECB003 9-volt adapter or an MXR Brick Series power supply. It's worth noting that this pedal cannot be powered by a battery.

Whether you're into vintage-inspired phasing or exploring new sonic territories, the MXR Deep Phase Pedal delivers outstanding phaser tones in a compact and reliable package, making it a valuable addition to any guitarist or bassist's effects arsenal.

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