MXR M292 Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay

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The MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay is a feature-packed upgrade to the iconic Carbon Copy Analog Delay, offering even more control over your delay effects. With extended delay time of up to 1.2 seconds and tap tempo functionality, you can now precisely dial in the perfect delay timing for your music.

The Tap Division feature provides four different subdivisions, including dotted 8ths, 8ths, triplets, and 16ths, allowing you to create intricate and rhythmic delay patterns easily. The pedal also offers two different tonal options with the push of a switch – the classic dark and mellow sound of the original Carbon Copy, or the vibrant and articulated tones of the Bright version.

To further shape your delay sound, engage the Mod switch and use the Speed and Width controls to add chorusing modulation to your repeats. This adds character and texture to your delay effects, making them stand out in the mix.

The Carbon Copy Deluxe also includes an expression jack, allowing you to connect an external expression pedal for real-time control over various functions, expanding your creative possibilities. The pedal offers programmable presets, making it easier to recall your favorite delay settings during performances.

Inside the pedal, you'll find a Line Level/Instrument Level switch, giving you the flexibility to use the pedal either in front of your amplifier or in the FX loop. The Dry Kill switch lets you create a "wet only" effect, perfect for studio recording when you want to layer delay on top of your dry guitar signal.

With true bypass switching, 9-volt battery operation, and MXR's renowned durability, the Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay is a versatile and reliable tool for any guitarist seeking to explore the world of delay effects. Whether you're a seasoned delay aficionado or a player looking to add rich, warm analog delay to your sound, the Carbon Copy Deluxe is a must-have addition to your pedalboard.

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