MXR M293 Booster Mini

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The MXR Booster Mini combines the classic Echoplex Preamp's sonic character with the renowned boosting capabilities of the MXR Micro Amp, all packed into a compact and lightweight mini housing. This pedal provides a powerful +25dB volume boost, allowing you to soar above the mix and cut through any live performance or recording.

The Volume control lets you dial in the desired amount of boost, ranging from subtle level adjustments to full-on volume increase, giving you the flexibility to tailor your sound to fit any musical situation. The Tone control allows you to roll off the highs if needed, enabling you to shape your boosted signal according to your preferences and the specific characteristics of your guitar and amplifier.

For those seeking a touch of grit and character in their tone, the MXR Booster Mini offers an internal Echoplex Preamp level control. This feature lets you add a bit of extra warmth and drive to your signal, providing a pleasing and musical distortion that can enhance your overall sound.

The MXR Booster Mini's space-saving design ensures that it won't take up much room on your pedalboard, allowing you to maximize your available space for other essential effects. Despite its compact size, this pedal delivers a powerful boost that can help you stand out in the mix, increase sustain, or push your amplifier into natural overdrive.

Whether you need a clean volume boost, a touch of warmth and grit, or simply want to enhance your guitar's tone, the MXR Booster Mini offers a versatile and high-quality solution. With its combination of the iconic Echoplex Preamp and the MXR Micro Amp, this pedal delivers the perfect seasoning to elevate your tone and take your playing to new heights.

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