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The MXR Classic 108 Fuzz Mini brings all the iconic vintage fuzz tones you love in a compact MXR mini housing. It retains the essence of its larger predecessor, featuring the silicon BC-108 transistor known for delivering a round and dirty crunch. Despite its smaller footprint, the Classic 108 Fuzz Mini stays true to its vintage roots, providing the same no-nonsense control interface that allows you to easily dial in your desired fuzz tones.

With just two controls—Volume and Fuzz—you have the power to shape your fuzz sound to your liking. Crank up the Fuzz control for a thick and saturated fuzz, or dial it back for a more subtle and gritty crunch. The Volume control lets you adjust the overall output level, so you can match the Classic 108 Fuzz Mini with your amplifier and other pedals seamlessly.

One of the convenient features of the Classic 108 Fuzz Mini is the Buffer switch located on the side of the pedal. This switch allows you to toggle the buffer on or off, ensuring that the fuzz works harmoniously with other pedals, especially wah pedals. This way, you can maintain the integrity of your fuzz tone without any unwanted interactions with your signal chain.

The pedal's MXR mini housing not only saves valuable pedalboard space but also ensures that you can carry the legendary vintage fuzz tones wherever you go. Despite its compact size, the Classic 108 Fuzz Mini delivers the same classic and unmistakable fuzz sound that has been favored by countless guitarists for decades.

This pedal can be powered using a Dunlop ECB003 9-volt adapter. Additionally, it is compatible with MXR's DC Brick, Iso-Brick, and Mini Iso-Brick power supplies (though these power supplies are not included with the pedal).

For guitarists seeking the legendary vintage fuzz tones in a pedal that won't take up much space on their pedalboard, the MXR Classic 108 Fuzz Mini is the perfect choice. Its authentic and classic fuzz sound, combined with the buffer switch for pedal compatibility, makes it a versatile and reliable fuzz pedal for players of all styles and genres.

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