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The MXR Tremolo pedal offers a diverse array of masterfully tuned tremolo styles, combining classic and iconic sources of the effect with new, innovative sounds created by the MXR design team. With six different tremolo waveforms, this pedal provides a versatile range of tremolo effects for any musical style.

The MXR Tremolo features six distinct tremolo styles to choose from. The MXR style recreates the organic sound and pulse of the beloved M159 MXR Stereo Tremolo. The Bias style emulates the lush, power-soaked compression of tremolo effects found in early 1960s tube amplifiers. The Revo style is an original innovation, reversing the optical tremolo waveform for more pronounced peaks and valleys. The Opto style replicates the smooth, pulsating tremolo produced by photo cells in popular amplifiers. The SQR setting is inspired by an iconic outboard effect, delivering choppy and super pronounced tremolo. Lastly, the Harm style recreates the trippy, phase-like tremolo produced by certain rare vintage amplifiers.

Using the MXR Tremolo is a breeze, thanks to the Speed, Gain, and Depth controls that set the rate, volume, and intensity of the selected tremolo effect. Cycling through the six styles is as simple as pushing the Gain knob. But the pedal's capabilities don't end there. For those who desire more control, advanced features are available, such as stereo operation, tap tempo, and expression pedal functionality. The envelope tremolo option even makes the effect respond to your attack, adding an extra layer of expressiveness to your playing.

All these features and more are packed into a single MXR housing, ensuring that you can easily add a wide variety of intriguing, well-crafted tremolo waveforms to your pedalboard without sacrificing space or functionality. Whether you seek vintage warmth or modern innovation, the MXR Tremolo has got you covered with its rich range of tremolo styles to elevate your sound to new heights.

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