MXR M306 Poly Blue Octave

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The MXR Poly Blue Octave is a cutting-edge octave pedal that combines modern and classic pitch-shifting styles with fuzz and modulation effects, making it a versatile tool for musicians seeking unique and diverse tones.

Featuring four separate octave divisions—one octave down, two octaves down, one octave up, and two octaves up—the Poly Blue Octave allows you to control the level of each octave in the mix. Unlike traditional pitch shifters, each of the octave divisions is polyphonic, meaning they sound fantastic with chords as well as single-note passages. The pedal also includes a level control for your dry signal, allowing you to blend it seamlessly with the pitch-shifted tones.

With the Mono switch engaged, the Poly Blue Octave delivers gritty, monophonic tones reminiscent of analog-style pitch shifters. In this mode, the sub-octave signals exhibit the warm and raw personality of vintage pedals like the MXR Vintage Bass Octave, while the higher octave signals take on characteristics similar to the Octavio Fuzz when its fuzz intensity is dialed back.

The Poly Blue Octave incorporates a fuzz effect inspired by the classic MXR Blue Box™ Fuzz, which can be applied to all five signals. By pressing and holding the Fuzz button, you can adjust the fuzz volume using the Dry knob. When combined with the sub-octave signals, the fuzz adds thickness and depth, while over the higher-pitched signals, it creates searing and synth-like tones. When all five signals are activated together, the result is a choir of thunderous and electrifying sound.

Adding to the versatility of the Poly Blue Octave, it includes a dual-mode modulation effect that imparts a sense of motion to your octave tones. In polyphonic mode, it replicates the famous Leslie effect, providing a rich and swirling sound. In monophonic mode, it delivers classic swirls and swooshes akin to the Phase 90. Similar to the fuzz effect, the modulation applies to all five signals when engaged, and the Mod knob controls the rate of the effect.

For even greater control over the Poly Blue Octave's parameters, you can use an expression pedal, such as the Volume (X)™8 Pedal, or an off-board switch like the MXR Tap Tempo Switch, via the EXP jack. This allows you to sweep between two different knob and switch configurations or toggle the fuzz and mono modes on and off.

Built with rugged reliability and true bypass switching, the MXR Poly Blue Octave is a high-performance pedal that opens up new sonic possibilities for adventurous musicians. To power the pedal, you'll need a 9-volt AC adapter, such as the Dunlop ECB003/ECB003EU or an MXR BrickTM Series power supply, as it cannot be powered by a battery. With its innovative design and dynamic effects, the MXR Poly Blue Octave is the ideal choice for tone enthusiasts and sonic explorers seeking to push the boundaries of their music.

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