MXR M81 Bass Preamp

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The MXR Bass Preamp is a versatile and powerful pedal that combines a pristine bass preamp with a studio-quality Direct Out in a compact Phase 90-sized enclosure. It offers bass players the flexibility to shape their tone precisely without taking up precious space on their pedalboard.

Whether you need to add a new voice to your passive bass, enhance the sound of your amplifier, or add some special character to a particular song, the Bass Preamp has you covered. With separate Input and Output level controls and a 3-band EQ section that includes a sweepable midrange (ranging from 250Hz to 1kHz), you have extensive tonal control at your fingertips. The ability to sweep the midrange allows you to find the sweet spot that complements your playing style and bass guitar.

Thanks to MXR's Constant Headroom Technology™, the Bass Preamp delivers high headroom and pristine, clean sound. The built-in Direct Out allows you to send your signal directly to the mixing board or recording interface, either before or after the EQ section, giving you further flexibility in shaping your tone for live performances or studio recordings.

The pedal also includes a PRE/POST EQ switch, which enables you to decide whether the Direct Out signal is affected by the Bass Preamp's EQ section. This way, you can choose to send your unaffected bass signal directly to the mixer or apply the EQ settings from the pedal.

The MXR Bass Preamp is designed with player convenience in mind, featuring a GROUND LIFT switch to eliminate ground loop hum that can sometimes occur in complex setups.

For those who prefer using only the ¼" output, the Bass Preamp is factory preset to operate in ¼" out buffered bypass and Direct Out active. However, the pedal provides flexibility with two internal switches that allow you to disable the Direct Out and ¼" out buffered bypass, enabling true ¼" out bypass mode when desired.

Whether you're performing live on stage or laying down tracks in the studio, the MXR Bass Preamp is a reliable and indispensable tool for bass players seeking top-notch tone control and a high-quality Direct Out feature. Its compact design and versatile functions make it an excellent addition to any bass player's rig, providing a powerful yet compact solution for enhancing your bass sound in any performance or recording scenario.

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