MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe

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The MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe is a powerful and versatile chorus and flanger pedal designed specifically for bass players. It utilizes pure analog bucket-brigade technology to produce rich and liquid chorus and metallic flanger effects while retaining the punch and fundamental of your low end.

With the Bass Chorus Deluxe, you can achieve shimmering chorus effects that add depth and dimension to your bass tone, as well as swooshing flanger sounds that can create a unique and expressive character to your playing. The pedal's analog circuitry ensures a warm and organic modulation that enhances your overall sound without sacrificing the essential low-end frequencies.

The top-mounted Flanger and X-Over buttons with LED status indicators offer additional control and flexibility. The X-Over Mode is particularly useful for bass players as it decreases modulation in the low frequencies at 100Hz, allowing you to play upper-register chords, melodies, and fills while keeping the low end in tune. This feature is handy for maintaining clarity and definition in your playing, even with the added chorus or flanger effect.

The Bass Chorus Deluxe provides Bass and Treble controls that allow you to shape the tonal character of the effect. You can cut or boost lows and highs to tailor the chorus or flanger to your preferred sound.

For a wider stereo sound experience, the pedal offers TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) Stereo Hardwire Bypass Mode, which can be activated via an internal switch. In this mode, you can use a TRS to TS (tip-sleeve) Y-splitter cable to send the effect signal to two different amplifiers, creating a stereo spread where the modulation moves from left to right.

As part of the MXR Bass Innovations line, the Bass Chorus Deluxe is designed by bass players for bass players. Its intuitive controls and versatile tonal options make it a valuable addition to any bassist's effects arsenal.

Whether you're looking to add lush and shimmering chorus tones or metallic and swirling flanger effects to your bass sound, the MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe provides the perfect blend of analog warmth and modern functionality. With its high-quality sound, easy-to-use controls, and rugged construction, it's an excellent choice for bass players seeking to expand their sonic palette and achieve captivating modulated tones.

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