Mano 6 Inch Multi Coloured Djembe

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Mano 6 Inch Multi Coloured Djembe
10" High Pre-tuned Synthetic Head

Experience rhythm in vibrant hues with the MP982 Mano Percussion Cajon. Crafted with a 6" ABS shell, this cajon stands tall at 10" high, offering a dynamic canvas for your beats. The pre-tuned synthetic head comes complete with a nylon handle, ensuring easy playability and durability.

Designed for convenience and mobility, the cajon includes a shoulder strap for effortless transportation, allowing you to share your rhythms wherever you go. The cajon's multi-coloured cloth design adds a touch of visual flair to your musical expression.

Unlock the joy of percussion with the MP982 Mano Percussion Cajon – a versatile instrument that blends vibrant aesthetics with resonant sound.

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