Mano 7 & 8 Inch Two Tone Bongos

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Mano 7 & 8 Inch Two Tone Bongos 
Two Tone Wood Finish

Discover the captivating rhythms of the MP714 MANO PERCUSSION Tunable Bongos. Crafted to embody tradition and quality, these bongos are designed to inspire both beginners and experienced players.

Featuring 6" and 7" natural skin heads, these bongos deliver authentic tones that resonate with depth. The traditional two-tone wood shells, with their dark and light brown hues, exude classic charm. The standard chrome flanged hoops and hardware enhance the bongos' durability while maintaining their traditional appeal.

A steel band around the base of each shell not only adds to their aesthetics but also contributes to their stability during play. Whether you're practicing at home or performing on stage, the MP714 MANO PERCUSSION Tunable Bongos provide a rich and versatile rhythm experience that pays homage to percussion tradition.

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