Mano 10" Kids Floor Drum Blue

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10" Includes Beaters Pretuned Skin

Introducing the MPC01 Mano Percussion 10" Floor Drum - a remarkable instrument designed to nurture children's musical development. Standing at a child-friendly 4.5" height, this drum offers young musicians an engaging and comfortable platform to explore rhythm and creativity.

With a painted wooden shell featuring vibrant colors, the drum captures children's attention while ensuring durability for playful learning. The four large rubber feet provide stability, making it ideal for little hands and energetic beats.

The natural hide pre-tuned head produces authentic sounds that resonate with the curiosity of young learners. Alongside the drum, a pair of wooden beaters invites children to experiment with different sounds and rhythms, fostering their musical exploration.

Whether used in classrooms, at home, or in music education programs, the Mano Percussion 10" Floor Drum encourages children's cognitive and motor skill development in a fun and engaging way. Ignite their passion for music and watch as they discover the joy of rhythm with this purposeful and child-centric floor drum.

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