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The MXR CAE Buffer is a powerful and compact utility pedal designed to preserve your guitar signal integrity and overcome the signal degradation that can occur when running through long cables or a complex effects chain. With its low-noise buffer circuitry, the CAE Buffer ensures that your guitar's signal remains clean and strong, maintaining the full tonal range and dynamics of your instrument.

The front-facing gain slider allows you to boost your signal by up to +6dB, providing a versatile tool for adding a touch of extra volume or driving your amp or effects for solos and dynamic playing. Additionally, the CAE Buffer is equipped with Hi and Lo cut switches that fine-tune signal recovery, allowing you to tailor the response to your specific setup and preferences.

The pedal also offers an extra output, perfect for connecting a tuner, separate effects chain, or another amplifier. You can set this output to receive either a buffered or unbuffered signal, providing flexibility in how you integrate the CAE Buffer into your rig.

Another impressive feature of the CAE Buffer is the 9VDC power output jack, which allows you to power another pedal, reducing the need for additional power supplies and keeping your setup tidy.

Built with MXR's signature rugged construction, the CAE Buffer is designed to withstand the demands of the road, making it an ideal addition to any effects rig or pedalboard. Whether you're a professional gigging musician or an avid pedal enthusiast, the MXR CAE Buffer ensures that your guitar signal remains pristine and unaltered, allowing you to focus on your playing and delivering the best possible tone to your audience.

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