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Introducing the Mahalo MKA17SM Kalimba: Music with a Smile, Beach Vibes Included!

Prepare to embark on a musical journey filled with joy and beachy vibes courtesy of our Mahalo MKA17SM Kalimba. This remarkable instrument is designed to captivate both beginners and seasoned musicians alike.

Yellow Smiley Face Top: The Mahalo MKA17SM Kalimba features a cheerful yellow smiley face on the top, adding a dash of positivity to your music-making.

Beach Artwork Etched into Side: Transport yourself to the serene shores with beach artwork etched into the side of this kalimba, infusing your melodies with a touch of coastal beauty.

Handmade Solid Trembesi Wood Chamber: Crafted with precision from solid Trembesi wood, this kalimba delivers a warm, rich tone. The acoustic soundhole enhances sustain and balance, ensuring your music resonates beautifully.

17 Stainless Steel Polished Tines in Key of C: Equipped with 17 stainless steel polished tines factory set up in the key of C, this kalimba ensures your melodies sound harmonious and melodic. Plus, adjustable tines allow you to explore and experiment with various keys.

Engraved Numbering for Easy Playing: Play confidently with engraved numbering that serves as your guide, making it a breeze to create beautiful music.

Comfortable Round Edges: Designed for comfort and ease of use, our kalimba features smooth, rounded edges that fit perfectly in your hand. You can play for hours without fatigue.

Two Underside Soundholes for Easy Vibrato: Elevate your music with effortless vibrato using the two underside soundholes, adding depth and emotion to your melodies.

Complete Package: We've thought of everything - a heavy-duty suede-like carry bag, tuning hammer, and instructional booklet are included, so you can start playing right away.

Experience the sheer joy of making music with the Mahalo MKA17SM Kalimba, where craftsmanship, artistry, and exceptional sound quality come together. Don't miss the opportunity to own this unique instrument, perfect for musicians of all skill levels. Unlock your creativity and let the smiles and beachy vibes flow with Mahalo.

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