MMC Soundhole Rosette For Classical Guitar

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MMC Soundhole Rosettes For Classical Guitar
Two Rosettes Included

MMC Soundhole Rosette Self Adhesive
Water decal soundhole rosette for classic guitar.
2 Pack

How to apply Water Decal Rosette
1. Make sure the area where the decal is to be applied is free of any oil or grease.

2. Cut your decals from the sheet.

3. Place the decal in a bowl of warm water , until the decal begins separating from the liner. This can take anywhere from 20 seconds to a few minutes.

4. Remove the decal from the liner and using your fingers, slide the decal off of the liner and onto your target. Align it around your soundhole and using a sharp 'exacto' knife, trim the rosette to fit the neck. Be careful to not rip it while cutting.

5. Using fingers and a soft damp paper twel/soft cloth, align and smooth out all wrinkles and air bubbles. It is easy to move while wet so adjust the placement to your liking. If you make a mistake, keep it wet and readjust.

6. Once satisfied, wait a couple of hours for the decal to dry.

7. A finish can be applied over the decal if desired.
*note: Decal is removable if no finish applied

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