Hammer A Standard Custom Six String Set

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For A Standard tuning (ADGCEA)
Tension optimised gauges: 15, 20, 28w, 40, 54, 74

This MMC Custom Gauge String set takes out the guess work of calculating the perfect gauges for your low tunings. We have found that the perfect string tension is a balance between having tight string tension with some bendability on the higher strings. This is true for standard tuning and for lower tunings. Due to the geometrical differences between wound stings and plain strings we can allow a higher tension on the wound stings which also balances the output difference, (plain steel strings have a higher output at the same tension) when compensating for these factors we aim to have a slightly higher tension on the low strings while keeping the difference below 1kg of tension.

The variety of strings used in our custom sets are Dunlop electric nickel guitar strings as we have found them to have excellent string-to-string balance and great dynamic responsiveness. The nickel wound strings deliver crisp highs, aggressive mids, and a focused low end for dynamic lead work and chords that ring out clearly whether clean or heavily distorted.

Dunlop has been in business since 1965 and is one of the legitimate six string manufacturers. Their strings are often overlooked in favour of the other brands with flashy packaging but Dunlop continues to be used by musicians such as various members of Metallica and Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Joe of Green Day, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Slash of Guns n' Roses and John Petrucci of Dream Theatre.

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