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The Black Country Customs Monolith is a boutique distortion pedal handcrafted in the UK, known for its high-quality sound and versatile control options. The pedal offers three modes of distortion: Heavily compressed, Overdrive, and Soft compressed, allowing you to achieve various distortion textures to suit your playing style and musical genre.

The Monolith provides precise control over your sound with its four rotors:

Distortion Control: Adjusts the sustain and intensity of the distortion effect, allowing you to dial in the desired level of saturation and grit.

Volume Control: Sets the overall output level of the pedal, enabling you to match the distortion level to the rest of your rig or adjust the signal volume as needed.

Range Control: Manages the low-end content before the distortion stage. This control lets you tailor the low-frequency response, providing flexibility in shaping the pedal's tone.

Tone Control: Adjusts the treble response of the output signal, allowing you to shape the overall tonal characteristics of the distorted sound.

One of the standout features of the Monolith is its silent switching system. This means that when you engage or disengage the pedal, there is no audible clicking or switching noise, making it perfect for live performances and recording sessions where quiet operation is essential.

The Monolith's rugged metal casing ensures its durability and reliability, making it suitable for regular use on stage and in the studio. Additionally, the pedal is designed to be energy-efficient, minimizing battery consumption and extending the pedal's operating time.

In summary, the Black Country Customs Monolith is a boutique distortion pedal that offers a range of distortion modes and precise control over your sound, all housed in a sturdy and silent-operating metal casing. Whether you're a performing artist or recording musician, this pedal is designed to deliver top-quality distortion tones with utmost flexibility and ease of use.

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