Mano 9 & 10 Inch Conguitas in Natural Finish

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Sale price$299.99


Elevate your percussion ensemble with the MP1690 Mano Percussion Conguitas - a pair of 9" and 10" congas that bring a world of rhythm to your fingertips.

Crafted with precision, these Conguitas feature half-size select wood shells that resonate with warm and vibrant tones. The natural rawhide tucked heads ensure authenticity in sound, delivering the classic conga sound you crave.

Embracing tradition, the congas boast traditional chrome rims adorned with 4 tuning rods, allowing you to fine-tune your beats to perfection. With a glossy finish that catches the light, they are not only instruments but also works of art.

Included with the Conguitas is a double-braced, height-adjustable stand, providing stability and convenience during your performance. Unleash your inner rhythms and add a touch of passion to your music with the MP1690 Mano Percussion Conguitas.

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