Mano MPC02R 8 Inch Pre-Tuned Djembe in Red

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Elevate your rhythm with the MPC02 Mano Percussion Djembe. This 8" pre-tuned djembe showcases a robust ABS shell that stands 15" tall, delivering powerful tones with every beat. The matching synthetic drum head ensures consistent sound quality, while the rubber base strip offers enhanced protection during your playing sessions.

Designed for both convenience and comfort, the djembe features a black rope handle, allowing you to effortlessly carry your music wherever you go. The package includes a bag with backpack straps, providing a hassle-free way to transport your djembe to practices, performances, and beyond.

Experience the essence of percussive exploration with the MPC02 Mano Percussion Djembe – an instrument that harmonizes sound, style, and portability.

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