Mano MPC03BK 8 Inch Tunable Djembe in Black

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Introducing the MPC03 Mano Percussion Wrench Tunable Djembe, a versatile instrument that combines convenience and quality in one dynamic package. Crafted with an ABS shell, this 8" djembe stands 15¾" tall, offering a blend of rich tones and easy handling.

Equipped with 6 tunable hook lugs, this djembe allows you to fine-tune your sound to perfection, giving you the freedom to explore various rhythms and melodies. The lightweight cloth wrapped ABS shell adds a touch of style while maintaining durability, and the rubber base strip ensures your instrument remains well-protected during your musical journey.

As a testament to its user-friendly design, the MPC03 Djembe comes complete with a bag featuring backpack straps for hassle-free transportation. Additionally, a tuning wrench is included, empowering you to effortlessly adjust your djembe's tension for optimal sound.

Embrace the rhythm of creativity and embark on a rhythmic adventure with the MPC03 Mano Percussion Wrench Tunable Djembe – a true companion for both aspiring and seasoned percussionists.

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