Mano MPC07 10 Inch Multi Coloured Rope Djembe

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Elevate your rhythmic journey with the MPC07 Mano Percussion Rope Tunable Djembe. This captivating djembe, standing at an impressive height of 19¾" with a 10" diameter, promises a harmonious fusion of rich sound and captivating aesthetics.

Crafted with an ABS shell, the MPC07 Djembe boasts a sturdy construction that guarantees both durability and exceptional sound projection. The rope tuning system empowers you to finely adjust the tension of the drumhead, enabling you to explore a diverse range of tones and create melodies that resonate with your musical soul.

The lightweight cloth-wrapped ABS shell not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to the djembe's portability, making it a great companion for your musical endeavors. A rubber base strip provides essential protection, ensuring your instrument remains unblemished during transport and performances.

The included bag with backpack straps makes carrying the MPC07 a breeze, allowing you to embark on musical adventures with ease. Whether you're a seasoned percussionist or a curious beginner, the MPC07 Mano Percussion Rope Tunable Djembe is a testament to quality craftsmanship and an invitation to explore the enchanting world of rhythm.

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