Mano MPC08 12 Inch Multi Coloured Rope Djembe

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Experience the rhythmic enchantment of the MPC08 Mano Percussion Rope Tunable Djembe, a true masterpiece standing at an impressive height of 23¾" with a generous 12" diameter. Crafted to captivate both your senses and your musical aspirations, this djembe promises a harmonious blend of resonant sound and captivating aesthetics.

Fashioned with an ABS shell, the MPC08 Djembe embodies robust durability while ensuring outstanding sound projection. The intricate rope tuning system empowers you to finely adjust the tension of the drumhead, allowing you to explore a diverse spectrum of tones and melodies that resonate with your musical essence.

The lightweight cloth-wrapped ABS shell enhances the visual allure of the djembe and contributes to its portability, making it your perfect companion for musical ventures. Safeguarding your instrument during transit and performances, a rubber base strip ensures its impeccable condition remains intact.

Completing the package is a convenient bag with backpack straps, facilitating easy transportation and enabling you to embark on musical journeys with grace. Whether you're a seasoned percussionist or a curious novice, the MPC08 Mano Percussion Rope Tunable Djembe exemplifies superior craftsmanship and invites you to dive into the mesmerizing world of rhythm.

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