Mano MPC28AS 10 Inch Tunable Djembe in African Stripes

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Introducing the MPC28AS Mano 10" African Stripe Djembe

Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms of Africa with the MPC28AS African Stripe Djembe by Mano Percussion. This 10" djembe is a colorful celebration of African culture, featuring a captivating blend of blue, red, and yellow cloth colors.

Crafted with precision, the MPC28AS boasts a 10" pre-tuned synthetic head that delivers authentic and resonant tones with every beat. Its African Stripe design pays homage to the rich tapestry of African heritage, making it a visually stunning centerpiece of any musical ensemble.

Ready to accompany you on your musical voyage, the MPC28AS comes complete with a convenient shoulder strap and a durable bag for easy transportation. It also includes a tuning wrench, allowing you to fine-tune your djembe to perfection.

Unleash the spirit of Africa and immerse yourself in the joy of rhythm with the MPC28AS - Where African Heritage Meets Your Musical Creativity.

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