MXR SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz

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The MXR Slash Octave Fuzz is the result of an exciting collaboration between two iconic names in rock music—Slash and MXR. This pedal delivers a searing Fuzz tone combined with a separate Sub Octave voice and an Octave Up Fuzz, allowing you to thicken up your tone with a sinister growl.

With a host of external and internal controls, the Slash Octave Fuzz offers endless possibilities for crafting your ideal sound. You can blend the main Fuzz effect's thick '70s shag with the chainsaw grind of the Octave Up Fuzz and the warm growl of the Sub Octave. Internal Gain and Tone pots allow you to shape the Octave Up Fuzz effect to your liking, giving you even more control over your tone.

Featuring custom Slash artwork and a distressed hot-rod paintjob, this pedal not only sounds great but also looks cool on any pedalboard. It boasts all-analog circuitry, ensuring a classic and organic tone. The true hardwire bypass preserves your guitar's natural sound when the pedal is disengaged, and the heavy-duty housing with durable jacks and switches ensures reliability on stage and in the studio.

Whether you're after classic rock tones, searing leads, or experimenting with unique fuzz textures, the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz has got you covered. Embrace the power of this pedal and unleash a world of sonic possibilities, all with a sinister growl and the unmistakable stamp of Slash's rock 'n' roll spirit.

This pedal can be powered using a 9-volt battery or the Dunlop ECB003 9-volt adapter. Additionally, it is compatible with the DC Brick, Iso-Brick, and Mini Iso-Brick power supplies from MXR (please note that power supplies are not included with the pedal). So, get ready to elevate your playing with the signature tones of Slash and the versatility of the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz.

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