Fernandes MT-85S Shin Murohime Mustang 1995

SKU: 20698

Sale price$699.99


SKU: 20698

Vintage Fernandes mustang style electric. Made in 1995 Japan. Originally a signature guitar made for Japanese artist Shin Murohime back in the 90's. Really cool shape and super versatile in terms of tone. HSS pickup configuration and a floating trem. Simple 3 way switch with master vol and tone. In the '95 catalogue this was being sold for 85000 Yen which equates to about $1500+ AUD today.

Originally this model came with a Fernandes sustainer in the neck plus sustainer control switches. Didn't seem to work so we stripped the sustainer, rewired it and replaced the neck pickup with a Duncan Designed single coil. Middle and bridge are still original. This would be a great studio guitar or gig workhorse.

This guitar is in fair condition. It does have it's fair share of scratches and is missing the back plate, although it is still structurally sound. Plays well, action at the 12th fret is 2mm. Does not come with bag or case.

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