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Multi Utility Instrument Protection

M. U. D. is an exceptionally effective dehumidifier made in New Zealand.
From highly absorbent and unique European calcinated materials.
it last longer, and removes more from the air than any other desiccant in the world.
It is a re-usable, organic, moisture-absorbing compound that is capable of absorbing up to 75% of its own weight in water for 60-90 days and can be used over and over again, thus protecting your music instruments and equipment from harmful humidity.
Put MUD vial in your instrument case. one 25g vial is sufficient for violins, guitars, and smaller instruments (up to 1/4 cubic meter).
For cellos and larger instruments, two or more vials are recommended.
MUD has a naturally built-in colour indicator, which shows you how much moisture has been absorbed.
When completely dry, MUD is a light sandy colour. As moisture is absorbed over a period of time,
MUD changes its hue to a darker 'reddish-mahogany' colour.
When this occurs, you can reactivate your MUD in the microwave with further instruction.
Vial size: 11cm(long) x3cm(diameter)

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