Music Nomad Ergonomic Pin Puller

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All Rubber Construction Safe on All Guitars

Music Nomad's Grip Bridge Pin Puller has made changing your strings even more hassle-free than ever.
No longer do you have to force the pins out of your bridge and risk damage to your guitar and its finish.
A completely rubber exterior makes the Grip Pin Puller completely safe on your guitar's finish.
What's more, operation is super easy — grip ’n pull or grip ’n roll and you'll be ready to restring in no time.
Metal-free construction, no moving parts, and one-handed operation., r. Pulling bridge pins has annoyed guitarists for generations.
Thanks to the Music Nomad Grip Bridge Pin Puller, that's now a thing of the past.
Rubber exterior and metal-free construction is safe on all guitars
Ergonomic construction is very comfortable to use
One-handed operation makes restringing a breeze
Safe on all bridge pin types
Saves your bridge pins from unwanted damage

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